Welcome ... this week Omamimini, Baobob, Pigeon and a little bit of peanut butter  

We have had such beautiful weather here in South Canterbury this past week - sunshine and back into light clothing.  We have spent a lot of time outdoors and this inspired me for this weeks craft item.  

I have put a couple of mini styles together as well featuring Baobob, Omamimini and Pigeon Organics.  

This Baobob light denim dress would have to be the most versatile dress in store, change it altogether with different tights and cardigans.  the tights are from Pigeon Organics and come in aqua, plum and navy with the spot, dasch hound and stripe prints.  They are incredibly cute and will wear well. 

Second is the alternative Baobob light denim top with side ties.  This can be paired with leggings, leans or a skirt - here they are with the Omamimini tights and matching sherpa scarf and slouch beanie.  If you are looking for a pop of colour on your little girl this winter, then these would look amazing! 

All items are available at my online store www.willowdesign.co.nz 


The Cooking Section ...

Following the theme of Peanut Butter and different snack options, we decided to give these Muesli Peanut Butter Balls a try. 

You will need ...

 2 tbsp honey, 4 tbsp peanut butter, 2 c toasted muesli, 2 - 4 tbsp milk or as needed. 

In a large bowl mix together the honey and peanut butter.  Stir in the muesli and add enough milk to to just moisten - you want it to stick together.  Roll into balls and chill until ready to serve. 

recipe care of foodnetowrk.com 



The Crafty Section ...

Although I may complain about the blackbirds stripping the olive trees and the grapes, I still love see the fantails and swallows and hearing the Tui behind us.

This weekend we made a very simple bird feeder to hand in the trees.  I purchased everything from the supermarket and was surprised to see a "wild bird" seed mix there.  

You will need ...

Bread, cookie cutter, peanut butter, birdseed and string

Cut shapes out of the bread and leave overnight to harden.  I poked a toothpick through the bread when it was soft to make threading the string easier.  Smoother the bread with peanut butter and press down into the birdseed, repeat on the reverse and along the edges.  Thread a piece of string through the whole and tie in a knot.  

All done and ready to hang on your tree.  We had to make sure we hung it high enough that the greedy labrador couldn't reach it! 


Thank you for reading and look forward to seeing you next week!