Little Table by Vanessa Lewis

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This is such a beautiful book to be enjoyed by families.  What could be a better way to teach geography and cultures then eating breakfast?  This book will not disappoint.  

From congee to kedgeree to rösti, Little Tables brings together 72 kids’ breakfast recipes from 32 countries on six continents. It makes it easy for parents to bring a world of taste into their family’s mealtimes, helping to create shared memories of culinary and cultural discovery and fun.

Little Tables is a collaboration initiated by successful South-African born photographer Vanessa Lewis, and features portraits put together by international fashion, food and hair stylists, and fun tidbits of information about each country.

“Each portrait by Vanessa Lewis not only reflects the unique essence of the individual child but also a charming bite-sized morsel of culinary culture.” –Anna Trapido, Food writer, Broadcaster, Author, Food culture enthusiast

Hardcover - 164 pages - 210 x 210 x 14mm

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