Little Hedonist Sweater My Love Has No Labels Peach

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Size: 4 years

Babies, infants and toddlers are open to everything and everyone. No stigmas, no prejudices, and no pigeonholing, just comprehensive and unlimited love. Love regardless of age, race, religion, gender or handicap; My Love Has No Labels. Spread the word!

This minimalistic sweater is made from the softest organic babysweat you can imagine. Made of 100% organic cotton from Portugal. The stitches of the collar are placed on the side of the neck instead the back. This way it wont discommode or irritates your baby or toddler. Of course the arms are with raw edge, so you easy make right length for your baby or toddler!

We make life just a little 

more fun and easy! 
Little Hedonist is soft 
and sustainable!

Our home base is the Netherlands. That is where we create and base our products on the thought that baby- and toddler stuff can be of great comfort but can also add something extra for your little ones wardrobe or your own interior.

Sustainability is a value that is in our veins. We try to be as sustainable and organic as can be and use only the softest and high quality materials that we find and produce in Portugal.


No-nonsense. Quality. Simplicity.

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